Publié en avril 2020

Some positive & coloured news-leather

We thought it was time to give you some update.
Some positive & coloured news. Some pink news.

At Maison Marie Martens, we still have the chance to be all in good health (“shape” that’s another story…) together with our families at home.
We have plenty of things to do… pampering our Instagram Accounts, Processing the production of Fall Winter 20 collection with our French factory (but not all our Italian suppliers have opened yet neither our Italian "Boobs & Beau-bags" factory). Marie’s slow-motion confinement is inspiring for designing the next collection for Summer 21 even though in slow-motion…
If you have some special requirements or desires for you next summer bag, all your suggestions are welcome to complete Marie’s moodboard. C'est le moment !

But above all this period is very exciting to do some art paintings 🎨…What are your new hobbies ?

Our Logistics Center, a family business with more than 30 years of experience, lead today by the founder’s daughter Lisa, is doing its utmost best to maintain their activity with reduced staff and applying all necessary security measures. Which means deliveries are still possible, but there may be some delays as you can imagine. We’re very grateful towards Lisa’s team for keeping things rolling for us. This means that we can maintain our webshop open and fulfil all your shopping wishes & dreams.

Thank you gift!

We wanted to let you know, that especially these days your purchases on our webshop really mean a lot to us. We see it at as a heart-warming sign of support. It’s comforting us that MMbags inspire your “Feel Good” shopping moments and needs, bringing some colour and joy to these confinement-days. To show you our thankfulness we decided to offer you from the bottom of our heart,… a new pair of Boobs ;)

For every purchase on our webshop we are happy to offer you a pink Sainte-Nitouche cardholder. If you’ve always been dreaming of a pair of black Boobs just let us know ;) we’ll switch the colour.

This offer is valid during the entire confinement period, as long as stocks will last.

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