Marie Martens Paris

No classic Parisienne, Marie Martens. And her keen eye for pleasant fabrics and delicate details combined with a sense for timeless edge unquestionably catches on.

No wonder that, after having explored a varied range of interests, she decided to launch her own handbag label. A genuine Parisian label with a refreshing Belgian touch. With her Belgian roots and her everlasting love for Paris, she now buoyantly frolics between Ghent and Versailles.

Ever since she was a child, her father endowed her with a thorough sense for aesthetics and fabrics. The unique gaze he could cast on objects will remain with her throughout her life. Her enterprising mother has passed on the energy and enthusiasm with which Marie Martens handles her label.

This translates into her present accessory label. Statement bags have been around for a while now, but with Marie Martens the notion transcends any trend. Because a striking accessory will flatter each and every woman, always.

Marie Martens promptly tells it through timeless class with a twist. Playful details and rich fabrics are coupled with Parisian elegance and feminine luxury. Marie Martens designs bags for the stylish city nomad who is always on the road and who feels at home wherever she is. From Paris to Palm Springs, from New York to Nairobi. Marie Martens sensu stricto.